Trump Says He Skipped Debate to Avoid ‘Harassment’ From Other Candidates


With axes to grind against Fox News, Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson held another lengthy and largely amicable discussion that was posted online five minutes before the right-wing network’s first GOP primary debate Wednesday—a discussion that began with Carlson asking the quadruply indicted former president why he skipped the event.

“Do I sit there for an hour or two hours—whatever it’s going to be—and get harassed by people that shouldn’t even be running for president?” Trump said in the pre-taped interview, which Carlson oddly hyped up as “debate night in Bedminster.”

Despite hearing pitches from Fox News executives in person, as well as on-air pleas from MAGA-friendly hosts, Trump spurned the network, which fired Carlson this spring—a move that Trump mourned as a “big blow” to the country.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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