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Fox’s Chief Legal Correspondent Pushes Wacky School ‘Litter Box’ Hoax

Fox News

Shannon Bream, one of Fox News’ top “hard news” journalists, peddled a two-year-old hoax on Thursday that school-age children are identifying as cats, thus forcing educators to give them special treatment and provide litter boxes.

Bream, who took over for Chris Wallace as anchor of Fox News Sunday and is the network’s chief legal correspondent, insisted that “a lot” of parents near where she lives had told her this was happening.

Starting in late 2021 and ramping up ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, GOP politicians and right-wing media reacted to school districts enacting protections for transgender students by fearmongering about “furries” in the classroom. Accordingly, they began promoting a false rumor that certain schools were accommodating students who “identify as cats” by placing litter boxes in the restrooms and classrooms.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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