‘And Just Like That’ Season 2 Finale Recap: The Carrie and Aidan Relationship Saga Continues

Craig Blankenhorn/Max

It’s official: For Carrie Bradshaw, Aidan Shaw is a real estate curse—both in Sex and the City and, now, in And Just Like That’s Season 2 finale.

This week, we joined Carrie and her 15 closest friends for an intimate catered dinner at her soon-to-be former apartment—an event she’s nicknamed “The Last Supper.” Samantha was apparently going to try and make it, but as we learned from Kim Cattrall’s quick cameo at the top of the episode, she got stuck at Heathrow thanks to fog. (We could call this “fan service,” but if I’m being honest, it was mostly just bizarre.)

Carrie has lived in the same apartment throughout Sex and the City and And Just Like That—although for a minute, she was in peril of losing it. During her second try with Aidan on SATC, he bought the apartment and the one next door, so they could expand into it. But when her fear of marriage blocked him from breaking the wall down, they split, leaving her scrambling to buy a place she could really only afford to rent.

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