Republican senator says he doesn’t think Trump would win the general election and should drop out, but he’d still vote for him if nominated

Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) speaks about healthcare reform in Washington

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Sen. Bill Cassidy said prosecutors have “almost a slam dunk” case against Trump in Florida.
But he doesn’t think Trump will win the general election and should drop out of the presidential race.
A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll found a majority of Republicans wouldn’t vote for Trump if he’s in prison.

Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy said there’s a high probability that Donald Trump will be convicted of charges stemming from his classified documents case in Florida, and he thinks he should the former president should drop out of the race. 

Speaking to Kasie Hunt on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, Cassidy said that the Florida indictment is “almost a slam dunk” for prosecutors against Trump as there appears to be audio of the former president admitting to the crime at hand.

“You’re just asking me my opinion,” Cassidy said, “but he will lose to Joe Biden.”

At the end of the day, however, Cassidy said he’d ultimately vote for the Republican on the presidential ticket.

“I’m gonna vote for a Republican,” he said, “but my threshold issue for any person who wants to be the leader of our country is: Will you take care of the issues before us?

In June, a federal grand jury indicted Trump, alleging he broke federal law by taking classified documents with him to his Florida Mar-a-Lago residence after leaving office instead of handing them over to the National Archives. And in July, a federal grand jury filed a superseding indictment against Trump and co-conspirators, alleging they coordinated to delete security camera footage from Mar-a-Lago to prevent a grand jury from accessing it.

And while Trump has repeatedly denied the the charges, insisting they were politically motivated, prosecutors have obtained audio that appears to show the embattled former president admitting to a publisher and writer that he possessed documents that he said were “highly confidential, secret.”

In addition to his indictment in Florida, in 2023 alone Trump’s also been indicted by grand juries in Washington, DC, New York, and Georgia. 

According to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, nearly half of Republicans said they wouldn’t vote for Trump if convicted of a felony. And if he faces prison time, 52% of Republicans said they wouldn’t vote for him, either. 


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