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Meet the Huberman Husbands and Their Long-Suffering Wives

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Upon waking every morning, Sierra Campbell plunges her face into a bowl of ice, stands in direct sunlight for 20 minutes, stretches, and then ingests a five-step supplement regimen including magnesium, electrolytes, and an amino acid complex.The 29-year-old mom and marketing specialist is not a Goop devotee, yoga guru, or part of a cult. She just has a Huberman Husband.

That term is internet shorthand for a male devotee of the Huberman Lab, a health and lifestyle podcast hosted by Stanford neurobiology professor Andrew Huberman. With suggested “protocols” like sleeping with mouth tape and using exclusively red light after sunset, Huberman has developed an enthusiastic following of tech bros and other educated young men obsessed with biohacking their way into a better life. And now, it’s spreading to their partners.

Campbell appears to be the first person on TikTok to have used the phrase “Huberman Husband,” which came to her after a Huberman-recommended morning cold plunge. She told The Daily Beast that her husband, who owns a combination surf store and barber shop in Santa Clara, was always into health and wellness, bonding with her over their shared embrace of the Paleo diet when they first met. But she saw a noticeable shift when he started getting serious about his sleep hygiene, installing red lights and turning off all the overhead lights after sunset. “All of a sudden I was like, ‘Where are you getting this stuff?’” she recalled. “And it was from the Huberman Lab podcast.”

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