Warby Parker Has the Best Under $100 Sunglasses for Any Season

Scouted/The Daily Beast/Warby Park.

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Because I care about the way I look, I don’t mind paying more for good quality clothing and accessories. In fact, that’s my default mode when shopping for clothes. Sunglasses are the only exception, and for a reason you can probably relate to—I always lose my sunglasses. In my quest to find new sunglasses, I walked into many menswear boutiques and Sunglass Huts, but all of the sunglasses I actually wanted cost between $200 to $500. (Having good taste is truly a burden for the cash-strapped millennial, isn’t it?) Knowing there was a 50 percent chance I would forget these sunglasses somewhere within three months, I just couldn’t justify the expense.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered that affordable sunglasses had been sitting right under my nose at Warby Parker after stumbling into the brand’s store in Chicago. I had been looking for a new pair of sunglasses for a full year at that point, and so I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Warby Parker has stylish sunglasses right in the affordability sweet spot—not too cheap, but not too expensive (under $100).

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