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Teacher Fired by Georgia School Board Over ‘Divisive’ Children’s Book

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A fifth-grade elementary teacher was fired effective immediately Thursday by an Atlanta school board in what is another example of classrooms and libraries across the country being influenced by conservative retaliation to diversity in schools.

The Cobb County School Board voted in favor of upholding Superintendent Chris Ragsdale’s recommendation to fire Due West Elementary School teacher Katie Rinderle, voting 4-3 in favor.

The vote reverses a tribunal panel’s recommendation earlier this week that ruled Rinderle keep her job after reading the book, My Shadow Is Purple, to her class. She was removed after a parent complained in March. Ragsdale raged at the time that the book violated a state classroom censorship law introduced last year that bans and restricts teachers from introducing divisive concepts–including race and sexual identity–into the classroom.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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