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Dovly Credit Repair And Monitoring Review 2023

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Fixing an error in your credit report, whether it’s a simple typo or incorrect information that lowers your credit score, can be a big hassle.

While anyone can dispute information in their credit report with the three major credit bureaus — Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, you might not want to go through the trouble yourself. If so, a credit repair company may be an appealing solution.

Dovly offers relatively cheap credit repair compared with some of the best credit repair companies. Read on to learn more about what Dovly offers and how to qualify for a discount. 

Dovly Overview

Marketed as a credit improvement service, Dovly offers a combination of credit monitoring and credit repair services. However, the company’s credit repair far outshines its credit monitoring capabilities.

The company’s free credit monitoring plan gives you monthly updates on your TransUnion VantageScore 3.0 credit score and report. Upgrading to Dovly Premium will provide real-time credit monitoring with TransUnion and $1 million of identity theft insurance. That said, each of the companies in our best credit monitoring services guide offers real-time monitoring of reports at all three credit bureaus. 

Dovly’s credit repair service is more noteworthy. The service, which Dovly brands as credit improvement, uses artificial intelligence to flag negative information on your credit reports and dispute it. While the free service gives you one dispute per month just with TransUnion, the paid service gives you unlimited disputes with all three credit bureaus.

Price is Dovly’s biggest appeal. At $39.99 monthly (or $99.99 annually), Dovly is one of the least expensive credit repair services available. Visa cardholders can get a 50% discount on the monthly Dovly premium membership through Dovly Uplift.

Dovly Plans

Dovly’s services are split into two tiers: free and premium.

 Dovly FreeDovly PremiumPriceFree$39.99 monthly/$99.99 annuallyCredit disputesOne monthly dispute with TransUnionUnlimited tri-bureau disputesCredit report and scoreMonthly TransUnion scores and reportsReal-time TransUnion score and reportID theft insuranceNone$1 millionLive US-based supportNoneYes

Note that you’re primarily paying for credit dispute services, as comparable levels of credit monitoring can be found elsewhere for free. 

How to Sign Up For Dovly

While Dovly does not have a free trial for the paid service, it does have a free version that offers very basic monitoring and credit repair, only affecting your TransUnion report. However, this is a good opportunity to see how Dovly works. You can download the app and see if you like the interface and if credit repair can be useful for you.

If you have a Visa card, go to You’ll enter your credit card number to determine eligibility for the Uplift program. The program will give you access to free credit monitoring and repair tools and the option to upgrade your service for $19.99 instead of the full $39.99.

When signing up for Dovly, be prepared to provide your name, birthday, Social Security number, home address, email, and phone number. You’ll be prompted to answer identity-confirming questions as if you’re requesting a credit report.

How Dovly Compares to Its Competition

Credit repair is notoriously expensive. Ovation Credit Repair, the cheapest service in our guide to the best credit repair companies, still charges an $87 initial fee and a $79 monthly fee. Not only is Dovly’s monthly fee half of Ovation’s, but Dovly doesn’t charge an initial fee.

Dovly does have some drawbacks, though. For instance, ovation and many other credit repair services usually offer a refund on the monthly fee if they cannot successfully repair your credit. Dovly does not. However, the initial fee that others charge is usually non-refundable. 

It’s also worth noting that you can dispute a credit report without the use of any service and may do just as well. In fact, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found that since the beginning of the pandemic, the credit bureaus have been less likely to respond to disputes, especially those filed by third parties on behalf of a consumer. 

Dovly Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dovly offer a free trial?

While Dovly doesn’t offer a free trial, you can treat the free plan as a free trial. Using one monthly TransUnion dispute, you can see if dispute are any major issues on your credit report, like a line of credit you did not authorize. If you find such an issue, the full service may be worth it. 

How do I contact Dovly customer service?

You can reach Dovly customer service by emailing [email protected], calling 623-401-4100, or texting 623-401-2282.

Which states does Dovly operate in?

Dovly operates in all 50 states plus Washington D.C.

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