PragerU Staffer’s Racist Tweet Is Even Too Much for His Colleagues

Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast

A racist post by the PragerU staffer Aldo Buttazzoni that claimed Black people have “never been told no before” has caused a firestorm at the right-wing advocacy group, with colleagues calling out the conservative influencer both publicly and behind closed doors.

The internal strife stems from a tweet fired off by Buttazzoni on Monday in response to a video claiming to show a “racist Target employee” calling the police on and shutting down an in-store flash mob that appeared to be made up mostly of Black women.

Buttazzoni, who is white, replied: “Black people are so used to being coddled by society that any time they’re reprimanded, they can’t help but perceive it as racially motivated. It’s the societal equivalent of never disciplining a child. They’ve never been told no before.”

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