Newsmax Peddles ‘Christ’ Book From GOPer in Mistress Abortion Scandal


MAGA channel Newsmax is currently offering its viewers a “free” copy of The Christ Cure, a “10-step Biblical blueprint for healing” written by a “pro-life” Republican who resigned from Congress in disgrace after it was revealed he had an extramarital affair and pressed his mistress to get an abortion.

Additionally, the Newsmax offer appears to be part of an ongoing scheme by the network to sell newsletters to its audience by centering “news” segments on a specific book, which viewers can then get “free” as long as they sign up for an “introductory subscription” that then automatically renews annually at $42.95.

During Wednesday’s broadcast of American Agenda, former Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA) ostensibly appeared on the program to provide his “serious research” on the issue of gender dysphoria and children, claiming that the “trans agenda targets” kids.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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