A ‘tiny’ studio apartment in New York City without a kitchen sink is on the rental market for $2,500 per month: ‘No-one said it was ideal’

The studio apartment in NYC without a sink.


An NYC apartment without a sink is available to rent, according to a TikTok video tour.
The studio costs $2,500 per month, the realtor said in the video. 
But the tenant would have to use the sink in the bathroom, the realtor added in the video.

A “tiny” New York City apartment without a sink is available to rent for $2,495 per month, the realtor confirmed to Insider.

NYC Sales & Rentals, which has the username @rentnewyork on TikTok with over 742,000 followers, showed a video tour of the studio apartment on August 3.

@rentnewyork Tiny NYC Studio Apartment Tour #nyc #apartment #fyp ♬ original sound – NYC Sales & Rentals

“Tiny NYC Studio Apartment Tour,” the caption on the video reads.

The open-plan apartment has a kitchen and living area, built-in storage units, and a ladder that leads to an area where you could fit a twin-sized mattress, the unnamed realtor said in the video.

“That’s it, this is the whole thing,” the realtor said in the video, which had more than 7.8 million views on Wednesday.

“And this is the best I’ve ever seen at under 125 square feet,” the realtor added.

“No one said it’s ideal, but if you sleep up here you actually have a living space down there,” they said, referencing the upstairs ladder area. 

A close-up shot of the kitchen.


The realtor said there is no sink in the kitchen, so the tenant would have to use the sink in the bathroom, which also has a shower and toilet.

A spokesperson for NYC Sales & Rentals confirmed the price to Insider via email and said there are no broker fees. The apartment is located in Midtown West, the spokesperson added.

“This building has other units that are even smaller, with almost no vacancies throughout the year,” they said. “Renters want a great location at a discount.”

The realtor gave a more in-depth tour in a follow-up video posted to TikTok on August 6 which has over 102,000 views.

“More in-depth tour… the sink throws everything off…” the caption reads.

@rentnewyork More in-depth tour… the sink throws everything off… #nyc #apartment #fyp ♬ original sound – NYC Sales & Rentals

The listing shows the current state of the NYC housing and rental market. Forbes’ real-estate contributor Frederick Peters reported in May that rental prices in the city were “high as they have ever been, or higher.”

“Options are in short supply. Hopeful tenants experience one frustration after another; the bolder ones offer more than the asking price just to get in the game,” Peters wrote.

“Even as many of the city’s sales submarkets have lost value since the early part of last year, the rental market throughout New York has grown tighter and more expensive,” he added.

As Insider previously reported, many New Yorkers opt to live with roommates or live outside of Manhattan to save money. Those living in the borough paid an average rent of $5,588 per month in July, according to data prepared by Miller Samuel for the real-estate company Douglas Elliman and cited by Insider on August 10.

The average rental price for a studio in Manhattan was $3,278, or $4,443 for a one-bed apartment, the data shows. The average two-bedroom was $6,084 in July, and a three-bedroom was $10,673, the data added. 

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